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500 School Street

Kohler, WI 53044                                                                                          U. S. Postage Paid


Mailed: May 29, 2015



Grace United Church of Christ

500 School Street, Kohler, WI 53044

Thomas M. Schroeder, Pastor Volume 73 – No. 6

Home Phone: 920-458-7087

Church Phone: 920-452-6795 June 2015


Dear Friends in Christ,

Surveys say that more people are becoming non-religious each year. In the United States about 70% of the people claim to be Christian with about 14% mainline Christianity. The fastest growing segment of the population is the non-affiliated group at 22%. Though there may be many reasons for this change, the biggest reason is that we (as individuals and churches) of the mainline or historical churches have not shared how our faith has made a difference in our lives or our nation in general.

Did you know that public education did not arrive in every state until after 1870? Most schooling was done through religious institutions. Of all the colleges and universities established in our county before the American Revolution, only Ben Franklin’s Academy of Pennsylvania did not have a religious affiliation. The College of William and Mary was a public venture but aligned with the Anglican Church. Did you know that of the 182 surviving colleges established before the Civil War, only 21 of these were state or municipal colleges? Did you know that the hospital movement grew out of Christian charities? It wasn’t until the King of England, after the Reformation, contributed to hospitals that public funding was used for hospitals. In this country most hospitals were established by religious orders before groups of health care providers started to get in on the action.

All this it to say that the greatest witness to God’s love and care for humanity is the work for public good that the church has done in the past and the present. It is our mission in the name of Christ that shows the world what value we have in our communities.

We at Grace are involved with Habitat for Humanity-Lakeside, the Salvation Army, various food pantries in the country, school mentorship programs, clothing drives, meal programs, and providing some of the best elder care in the county. Grace UCC also has its doors open to those in need and to organizations looking for a place to meet. We have been open to Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs, a civic theater group, health screening, blood drives, union meetings, school forums, day care classes and a vast array of other opportunities. Grace has made a difference in our community and our mission continues with your support.


One way we continue to share in the mission in the wider community is through an up-coming capital campaign involving the needs of Grace UCC, United Church Camps, and Lakeland College. In September you will have a chance to help us out. We are putting together thoughts on how to present the program and its needs. Stay tuned to further updates. One way to hear the needs is to attend our Congregational Dialogue on June 7th at 9 a.m. We will present the program and have a discussion on how we can participate. Pastor Tom


June 7 – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

This is the last Sunday of our school year schedule. During the 19 a.m. service the choir will sing some of their favorite anthems from the past year.


We start our summer schedule with worship at 9:30 looking at parables about the

Kingdom of God.

June 21 – Worship at 9:30 a.m.

Every Sunday we proclaim Jesus Christ, Son of God, and this day we hear that even the wind and the sun obey him.

June 28 – Worship at 9:30 a.m.

This Sunday we hear of some healing that Jesus did. We will talk about the healing Jesus does.


Lakeland college — Reinhard Ulrich Endowed Chair

Lakeland College wants to honor the Rev. Dr. Reinhard Ulrich who was associated with Lakeland College from 1949 until his death in 207. They want to honor him with the Reinhard Ulrich Endowed Chair in Philosophy Ethics and Christian Thought. The endowment would need about $1 million dollars to generate enough money to fund the faculty position. The school has already raised over half the amount.

United Church Camps – Outdoor Ministry Matters

Both MOON BEACH and PILGRIM CENTER are valuable assets to the church as countless people renew their faith taking part at these beautiful sacred places. Both camps have been part of the predecessor denominations of the UCC. This campaign plans to improve, build and grow out outdoor ministry programs in Wisconsin.

As these camps age, replacement of facilities are needed. Roofs, hot water heaters, furnaces and boilers need to be replaced. In some cases the numbers show new construction would be cheaper than home improvements. The hope is to raise at least $3 million to stay current with needs and a wish list grows with plans for $8 million. The reality check is with what resources are made available.

June Grace Notes – 3


Grace will be looking at replacing the secretary’s computer (purchased in 2003) and to get a new and expanded Church Management Computer program. You all know that the paper products of record keeping that we used the first 80 years of our existence are no long available. Everything is now kept electronically. We quickly got on the bandwagon; but the parade has passed us by and we are in need of newer and more reliable software. As we are just looking at it now (we talked about it in January) costs are unknown as of this moment.

COME ON JUNE 7TH AT 9 A.M. and learn what this all means. Other times will be made available over the summer. Stay tuned!

SUMMER HOURS: Starting June 14th through September 6th, we will worship on our Summer schedule where worship will be at 9:30 a.m. We are arranging special music for some services and are planning to hold the July 5th service outdoors, weather permitting.

MISSIONS AT Grace United Church of Christ

May saw us responding to the earthquake in Nepal early in the month, while the rest of the month we used our “Mission of the Month” envelopes to help defray the cost of the Emmaus meal at the Salvation Army where we will host on July 18th. Help us cover the cost and look for sign up sheets soon.

THE CHILDREN’S BENEVOLENT FUND is helping the partnership of Stroebeck, Germany

and Mangoto, Tansania. While I was in Germany in 2002, I met Rev. Hartmut Barsnick who was the pastor of the Stroebeck Evangelical Church and my host. He has developed this partnership that includes 6 churches in Germany, about 6 churches in Wisconsin and 6 churches in Tanzania. His latest note said “We have been cooperating for many years with reliable Tanzanian partners (schools, pastors, kindergartens, teachers, etc.) and this has been possible only because of YOU, the American and German sponsors. Without you, many Elementary School students would have to stay home for lack of shoes, and many students would give up for lack of funds to pay school and exam fees. Even worse, many people living with HIV/AIDS would die for lack of transportation to hospitals.” Your help brings life and hope to people in need. Thank you Children of the Church School. See the bulletin board outside the restrooms for more details.

Brat Fry, Wednesday, June 3rd: We are looking for volunteers and contributors to help us at our annual Brat Fry. This year it will be held Wednesday, June 3rd from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. We need people to bring desserts, beverages, salads, and beans as well as people to cook, serve, set up and clean up! Come to worship and sign up on sheets in the foyer or call us at 452-6795 and let us know what you can do. Support of our Brat Fry helps reduce our burden in the General Fund. INVITE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!

STEWARDSHIP BY THE NUMBERS: The General Fund of Grace UCC as of April 30th was at –$12,255. This is at an historic level for the past 6 years. So far our expenses are up about $3,000 and our contributions from out members are down $4,000. That explains differences between last year and this year. The Church Council will reign in the expenses but we count on our members to faithfully support Grace to make ends meet. We pay that you will help us make a difference in our community as you support Grace Church and worship with us.

EVANGELISM AT GRACE: We continue to welcome and impress the people who join us with our hospitali6ty, warmth and acceptance. Grace Church counts on you, the members, to invite new people to our fellowship. If you know any new people in your neighborhood, invite them to Grace or write down their address and the church office will send a welcome letter to them. Grace Church has no eyes but those of the members. Let us know how we can get our message out.



2—Chris Widder

3—Tom Teaters

4—Sharon Hoppert, Phil Preder

5—Judy Leonhardt, Don Trotter, Jaberg anniv.

6—Trotter anniv., Sarah Hapeman

7—Deb Ter Maat 24—Michelle Fenner

8 –Matthew Leonhard, Gerald and Lorraine

Rolloff anniv.

9—Sara Gordon

10—Brethouwer anniv, Campbell anniv.

12—Brian & Tiffany TerMaat anniv.,Waterman anniv.

13–Tiffany TerMaat

15–Haley Pilz

16—Susie Wandschneider, Jim Limberg, Limberg anniv.

17—Peggy Mathes

19—Orville Valenstein, Lee Musil

20—Cortney Ludwigson, Jack Lorenz, John Leonhard

21—Elaine Hitchcock, Truman McNitt

25—Carol Garnett, Neil Jensen

27—Milbrath anniv., Laura Waterman

28—Patti Linck, Tesmer anniv.

29—Kaye Kammerer

30—Peskie anniv.; Phyllis Gumm, Denise Brendal



June 7 – 8 a.m. Jim/Will Hapeman 10—Kurt & Noah Becker, Don Fenner

14 9:30—Mike & Lisa Rolloff, Betty Fischer, R. Eastway

21 Judy Kummer, Dennis Kampmann, Chris Widder

28 Scott & Ronda Hendricks, Fred Grube

LAY READERS: 7—Marge Horneck; 14—Mary Risseeuw; 21—Barb Loose; 28–Betty Musil

KITCHEN: Sarah Hapeman, Sherry Leonhard

D. Ziegelbauer, M. White, K. Peil, N. Leicht, L. Rolloff, S. Wandschneider, C. Knepfel, A. Kalmerton,

S. Hoppert, k. Kammerer, P. Brethouwer, B. Musil, M. Grusznski, r. Eastway, S. Jensen, K. Willis,

A. Peskie, B. Bogard, K. Pizer, L. Waterman, L. Scheppmann, K. Hendricks, C. Kummer












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