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GRACE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST                                  Non-Profit Organization

500 School Street

Kohler, WI  53044                                                                             U.S. Postage Paid






KOHLER, WI  53044

THOMAS M. SCHROEDER, PASTOR                                     VOLUME 75 — NO. 2

HOME PHONE:             920-458-7087

CHURCH PHONE:         920-452-6795                                      FEBRUARY 2017


Dear Friends in Christ,

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.


For 91 years the people of Grace have been meeting for worship to sing praise to our God and listen to the proclamation of God’s word.  It is done in an accepting place where everyone is welcomed and even more appreciated.  That was very evident at the recent Congregational Meeting.  We truly are an inviting place where we can even take on the elements of a cold winter and find warmth, hope, and fun.

I hope that you, too, can feel this acceptance in this family of God’s people; and I hope you want to share in its work and mission.  February is the month of Valentine’s Day recalling the “saint of love.”  I remember sending Valentines as a child—maybe sending my first statement of intimacy to another.  This type of statement now is truly stated best in the work of God—“God so loved the world ….” This love needs to be spoken and shared just like a Valentine!  It does no good to hold on to it—you have to share it and send it to another.  You have to let it Shine.

The warmth and love found in Grace Church requires the same quest.  It needs to be shared–shared with your neighbors and new found friends, shared with those who struggle and those who laugh, shared with the single person or the new family on the block.  We need to share the message found at Grace so that God’s love can warm up our lives.  I think that is the best of the fire inside – the fire of God’s love!

Another way to share your light is to work in the ministries of Grace Church.  February we start with our new committees.  We need people to serve on all our committees, because it is in the committees that we hash out what we are going to do.  We need people to help us on Missions, Christian Education, Property, Stewardship, Music and Arts and Evangelism.  Each committee has a vital function in the life of Grace Church.  This year more than ever, we need people to step up and serve.

Let your light so shine that the whole community is drawn to God’s light and the warmth of that light will stay with you throughout the year.                                             God Bless, Rev. Tom Schroeder



February 5 —  Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

Matthew 5:13-20 is the Gospel passage for this service.  The setting is Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

The Senior Choir will sing at 10 a.m.


February 12 —  Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

We continue to hear from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount found in the Gospel of Matthew.  The words inform us of a pathway for life.  The children’s Choir sings at 10 a.m.


February 19 —  Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

Jesus continues to teach us the ways of life as against ways that lead to death.  His Sermon on the Mount is insightful.  The Senior Choir sings at 10 a.m.


February 26 —  Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

This is the last Sunday of Epiphany when we look at Christ’s dazzling reign through the scripture lesson of the transfiguration.


March 1 —  Wednesday – 7:30 p.m.

Ash Wednesday Worship


March 5 —  Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

We celebrate the beginning of Lent with the Celebration of Holy Communion


“SOUPER” BOWL–Sunday, February 5th from 11 – 1 p.m.

Come warm your spirits with a bowl or more of soup made by the people of Grace UCC.  Invite your friends and family and join us for a wonderful time! Prices are $7/adults and $4/children 12 and under.  Carry outs are available.


NEW LEADERSHIP AT GRACE:  The congregation elected SANDY RABE and TOM TEATERS to Church Council and thanked HEIDI BECKER  and TIM WHITE for their past leadership at our meeting on January 31st.

The Church Council met immediately after and elected CHUCK EBERT, President, Judy Leonhardt, secretary,Chuck Ebert as Financial Treasurer with Deb Pfrang as Assistant Financial Treasurer. Tom Teaters will be the Property Committee Chair, and Judy Leonhardt will be the second council member on that committee.  Committee liaison representatives will be Stacy Harriott to Mission’s Committee, Sandy Rabe for Christian Education, Tom Teaters for Evangelism, Deb Pfrang for Stewardship, and Sandy Rabe for Music and Arts.


We have had 2 successful Sharing Sessions in Jan. for a total of 35 members participating. This is a good beginning. The value of attending is to have conversation about the past, present and especially the future of Grace Church. It is vital to our future to share the type of ministry that we envision. In addition our member profiles and our conversations from sharing sessions provide information that a future minister needs to know about us and our vision. Our goal is to have 100% participation. If you have not submitted a member profile please do so ASAP and send or drop off at the Church or you can complete, scan, and email your membership profile to Then plan to attend a Sharing Session Conversation on Sun. Feb. 19 at 8:45 AM or 11 AM.  We look forward to seeing you and your help as we vision the future of Grace Church.  Feel free to contact or call any of us.       Sincerely,

Dave Rabe, Marie Boerner, Paul Green, Lynn Green, Phylis Preder, Mary Risseeuw  and Margy Horneck


MISSION AT GRACE:   Keep the fires burning, or at least the cooking fires.  Your contributions to the food baskets at the top of the stairs which help feed the hungry of Sheboygan County.  Your help is needed.

Bring non-perishable foods stuffs on Sunday and we will get it to the food pantries.


MISSION OF THE MONTH:  OUR CHILDREN’S MISSION IN TANZANIA:  The Children of the Church School have joined in a mission program with southwest Tanzania to provide education, water, and support for the people of this region.  Last year our donation helped 64 boys and girls get an education.  Your gift can make a difference in a child’s life.  We are putting together an evening program to introduce people to the work that is done in Tanzania on March  5th  starting 5:00 p.m. with a light pot luck supper and a program afterwards.


DO YOU KNOW PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO SING?:  The Sr. choir is looking for people who like to sing and offer a wonderful group to join.  If you know a neighbor or friend who likes to sing,but does not know were they can sing, invite  them to join our choir.   Contact Audrey Braatz with names to contact, or have them contact her.  The choir sings twice a month.


Women’s Bible Study:  Several women are interested in forming a Bible Study at Grace UCC.  They would be open to meeting when the members would be most available.  If you are interested please let Rev. Schroeder or Sandy Werdeo (  know.


STEWARDSHIP AT GRACE:  2017 offering envelopes are to be found on the back classroom table.  Help Grace Church by picking yours up soon!


GIVING TREE FOR GRACE:  The Stewardship Committee will be setting up a “Giving Tree” for Grace Church.  This tree will contain leaves carrying a special need for Grace and you are asked to purchase the item and place it under the tree for Grace.  Items will be things like stamps, paper, choral anthems, donations for choir robe cleaning, and envelopes, etc.  Your help will keep our expensed down.


IN MEMORIUM:  Richard Kammerer passed away on January 14th.  He was the son of Harold Kammerer and husband of Kaye.  Eleanor Mehring also passed away in Edina, Minnesota on January 15th.  Please keep their families in your prayers.


BAPTIZED AT GRACE:  Andrew Lindstrom was baptized on January 29th at the altar of Grace UCC.  Andrew is the son of Courtney and Greg Lindstrom (505 Upper Rd., Kohler) and the brother of Olivia and Christopher. May God bless this family with love and health.


TEXAS ROADHOUSE DEAL:  Come in to Texas Roadhouse in Sheboygan every Sunday with your church bulletin and they will donate 10% of your food purchases to your church.  Tell them it is Grace UCC in Kohler.


KWIK TRIP : Don’t forget our Kwik Trip deal.   Purchase gift cards from Grace and Kwik Trip will donate 5 to 10 % of your purchase back to Grace.   We have cards of $10, $20, or $25 amounts.   Help us out and keep your cars full of gas.

STEWARDSHIP BY THE NUMBERS:  One-twelfth of our budget would be $11,086.  Our income for January was just over $9247.   With added quarterly payments our expenses were often higher than a normal month.  That would mean that we could estimate our balance to be about the normal deficit in January, $-5741.


Lent starts with Ash Wednesday worship at 7:30 p.m. on March 1st!


Dear Grace UCC,

Thank you for your wonderful friendship during the past five years.  Also thank you for the gift card and Kringle at Christmas.  I love playing and hope to continue – until my fingers “age!”

Thanks, Mary Ann Bichler

Dear Congregation of Grace Church,

Thank you very much for the gift card.  I will enjoy using it.

I am truly blessed to work with a great group of people on The Church Council and in the congregation.                                                                          Happy New Year!  Deb Pfrang




USHERS:   2-5    8 a.m.   Ann Ebert                                   10 a.m.–  Larry & Deb TerMaat, Tiffany TerMaat

2-12                 Mike Wandschneider                                       Richard & Carol Schoneman, Sandy Werdeo

2-19                 Keith Valenstein                                          Mike & Lisa Rolloff, Judy Kummer

2-26                 Tom Widder                                                     Scott & Ronda Hendricks, Betty Musil


ACOLYTES:  5—Colton; 12—Jacob; 19—Colton; 26–Jacob


LAY READERS: 5—Mary Risseeuw; 12—Marge Horneck; 19—Barb Loose; 26—Betty Musil


GRACE NOTES,  BULLETINS & BRIDGEWAY SPONSORS ARE ALL OPEN!  Please take time to sign up today!

FLOWERS:  5—OPEN; 12—Ann & Chuck Ebert; 19—Margie & Jim Price; 26—OPEN


KITCHEN:  Laurie Joa and Sarah Hapeman, co-chairs

Marilyn Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Judy Leonhardt, Courtney Lindstrom, Kimberly Peil, Gloria Valenstein, Deb Pilz, Margie Price Carol Schoneman, Kate Vitale, Barb Loose, Joyce Atkins, Andrea Rahm, Carol Garnett, Lynn Litt, Sandra Werdeo, Duste Horneck, Linda Mahn, Kelly Cole, Peggy Mathes, Heidi Becker, Bev Schroeder, Cara Kleeman



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