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GRACE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST                         Non-Profit Organization

500 School Street                                                 U. S. Postage Paid
Kohler, WI 53044

Mailed: May 5, 2016

Grace United Church of Christ
500 School Street, Kohler, WI 53044
Thomas M. Schroeder, Pastor Volume 74—No. 5
Home Phone: 920-458-7087
Church Phone: 920-452-6795 MAY 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,
May is a time when we look forward to growth, the growth of the grass, the flowers, daylight, warm evenings and many more places where the good times of life can grow. The same is true of the church. We look for growth!
This month we will welcome the youth from our Confirmation program. They have grown in the knowledge of God, and we pray they have grown in the love of God as well. We will welcome them with joy and open arms on May 15th at our 10 a.m. service. However, Grace needs more than just the youth of our families if we wish to grow on into the future. We need to bring in new people and new families. We can do this by sharing the good news of why we come to Grace UCC.
Why do you come to Grace UCC? For some they respond to this question such as: “Because I like to hear the choir,” “Our pastor has relevant sermons,” “We enjoy each other’s company,” “It’s a good way to start the week.” These comments are wonderful to hear, but behind them lies another layer of meaning. For many of us to come to church is to come into the presence of God and to give God some time. The previous comments are fine; but if we fail to look for God in our presence, we really have little reason to be a church. For the church, any church in Christianity, represents the “Body of Christ.” The church manifests the “Body of Christ” in the world. Its purpose is to be used to bring the glory of God’s love into the places it reaches.
Now a good church that connects its members and guests with God will elicit the above comments; but more importantly, it will move in ways so that those who are involved will find a sense that God understands them and that those in the church are trying to understand God. A church dedicated to manifesting God in the world will help its members and guests find understanding and purpose in life as they seek to unite with God’s eternal vision. A church that seeks to manifest God’s love on earth will reach out to members, guests and strangers and let them know they are united in God, for all belong to God from the oldest to the youngest and everyone in between. Christ did not just die for a few but gave himself up so that all may live, united with God and one another. Finally, a church that seeks to manifest God’s love in the world brings hope, as people see how close God is to them.
These are all great advantages to coming to a dedicated church seeking to serve God, but the most important service the church can offer is that of a matchmaker. The church is first and foremost at work to open the eyes
of all to the love that God has for them. Then, with their eyes wide open, it can lead people into a meaningful relationship with God.
One church, the Chinese Community UCC in San Diego, invites people to join them for lunch. After the service all are welcome to join in a meal. We, too, can do such a thing. On Wednesday, June 1st, we will host our annual Brat Fry. You can invite neighbors, friends, and even strangers to join us on this day for a wonderful evening. We can also tell others about where we are by signing in on Facebook. Tell the world that either you will be going to Grace UCC or that you are here at Grace UCC when you come to worship.
Come and help Grace share this incredible love that God has for us. Invite your neighbors and friends and join us as we seek to do God’s will in the world. Peace, Rev. Tom Schroeder

This service will combine the Ascension of Christ into Heaven with Mother’s Day. Come and celebrate this wonderful day! The children’s Choir will enhance the 10 a.m. service.
Pentecost is the birthday of the Church, when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples
and they shared the Good News with all people.
We will welcome new members from our Confirmation Class at 10 and celebrate the
Sacrament of Holy Communion at both services. The Senior Choir will sing at 10 a.m.
The promise of God’s eternal and Holy Spirit is given to the disciples and to us.
The Sr. Choir will enhance our service and we will recognize our graduating high school students at 10.
MAY 29TH – WORSHIP AT 8 & 10 A.M.
The reading of Jesus healing the centurion’s slave reminds us that God watches over all people, especially those serving to protect others. Join us on this day to honor those who have served us through service to this country.
JUNE 5th – WORSHIP AT 8 & 10 A.M.
A day of celebrations! We hear of outsiders recognizing the power of Jesus. It will be a great day to invite friends and family to join you at worship.
The Senior Choir will recap several hymns from the past year at 10 a.m.
Our Summer schedule begins on June 12th with our service time at 9:30 a.m.
Please make the changes in your routine through September 4th.

On Sunday, May 26th, we wish to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces protecting our country and all of us. Please contact the church if you wish to have us remember a service member. We will need to know name and branch of service. It would help to know the years served and a picture if available. We need this information by Wednesday, May 25th.

On Friday, April 29, we held a memorial service for ROBERT ANTHONY (BOB) JONES, who died on March 12. We hold his family, BETTY JONES and her daughters Lisa and Sheila, in our prayers. May God bless you and keep you in God’s loving embrace.

MISSIONS AT GRACE: Local missions at Grace include serving the SALVATION ARMY
Emmaus meal on June 18th and our on-going food collection for area pantries.
EMMAUS MEAL ON JUNE 18TH: You can help us with set up from 9 – 10, serving 10-12:30, or clean up from 12-1 p.m. and make a difference to the nearly 200 people who get a hot lunch through your generosity. Our Mission of the Month offering will go to cover the cost of this meal.

FOOD COLLECTION: We continue to collect non-perishable food items and hygiene items for our community. With the absence of school provided services in the summer, food pantries are inundated with requests. This month we will support the food pantry at the Salvation Army.

OUR CHURCHES WIDER MISSION (OCWM): Our budget supports the work of our denomination both in our country and overseas. In Wisconsin, we support 2 camps and 3 residential senior living and care programs and facilities. Nationally, we have ties with 29 colleges and universities, 15 seminaries, 341 health and human service ministries, and engaged in over 2 million hours of volunteer services. Thank you for your support!!!!

GRACEFILLED YOGA—THURSDAYS AT 7 P.M.: Join others and loosen up as you stretch out the day and leave ready for a relaxing night!


SCRIPT PROGRAM THROUGH KWIK TRIP: We are venturing out in a new way soon offering a script program through Kwik Trip. This program will have Grace UCC selling gift cards for Kwik Trip services, including gas, to our members. The members buy the cards from Grace and at Grace Church. They are good for any service at Kwik Trip. The church gets to keep 10% for our general budget. The Church Council also has decided to offer discounts if you buy over $2,000 at one time. We hope to get this up by mid-May. Stay tuned.

Brat Fry, Wednesday, June 1st: We are looking for volunteers and contributors to help us at our annual Brat Fry. This year it will be held Wednesday, June 1st from 5 – 7:30 p.m. We need people to bring desserts, beverages, salads, and beans as well as people to cook, serve, set up and clean up! Come to worship and sign up on sheets in the foyer or call us at 452-6795 and let us know what you can do. Support of our Brat Fry helps reduce our burden in the General Fund. INVITE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!

Stewardship by the Numbers: Through one-third of the years, we find that our expenses are 28% of our budget but our annual giving is at 22%. Our deficit in the General Fund is at –$7345. This is the normal range of past years when we have been able to cover our expenses at years’ end. To continue this possibility, we will need your faithful support in the coming months. We thank you for your continued support of time, talent and contributions.

May 8th: The members of the Children’s Choir will spend most of the time of Church
School practicing the songs they will sing on this day during our 10 a.m.
MAY 15TH: The Last Day of Church School
This day we will celebrate the year, recall the lessons and thank the teachers. We wish to thank, Monica White, Becky Payne, Tami TerMaat, Amy Kalmerton, Tracy Widder, and Sandy Rabe for the hours they put in guarding our children throughout the year. A special thank you goes out to our Children’s Choir
director, Curt Joa, who has been available every Sunday to work with our children. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!

May Grace Notes — 4
Church Camp Scholarships: Does your child or grandchild want to go to Summer camp? A great place to send them to develop a wide range of skills is to our Summer camps at Moon Beach or Pilgrim Camp Conference Center. Scholarships are available at $50/week for students or $75/week at Family Camp through the Northeast Association and another $25/students from Grace UCC. Look up the opportunities at

We look forward to introducing several young people to the congregation at 10 a.m. with the Rite of Confirmation. The youth have spent 2 years coming to an understanding of who they
are as children of God. In the service they will celebrate their First Communion as well as joining in fellowship with Christians everywhere to receive the strength of Christ in the bread and wine. We look forward to welcoming these young people.

All Sr. high and middle school youth are invited to a breakfast on May 22nd at 9 a.m. to honor our 2016 high school graduates. Graduating from high schools in our area are: CORTNIE LUDWIGSON, MARLEA JOA, AND SAM PFRANG. We will recognize them during the 10 a.m. service on this day as well. May God go with you into your next endeavors.

DELEGATES NEEDED — Wisconsin Conference Meeting – June 10-12 — Green Lake Conference Center: Grace UCC is entitled to 2 delegates for our Wisconsin Conference meeting being held at the Green lake Conference Center on June 10-12. Business meeting start Friday afternoon and continue until noon on Sunday. Delegates can stay at the Conference Center or local hotels. Please contact Rev. Schroeder if interested. Grace UCC covers the cost for the delegates.

Ushers: 8th — 8 a.m. Ann Ebert 10 a.m. Tom & Anneke Teaters, Betty Fischer
15th — Keith Valenstein CHURCH COUNCIL MEMERS
22nd Tom Widder Mike & Lisa Rolloff, Dan Montgomery
29th G. & C. Valenstein Dennis Kampmann, Don Fenner, Judy Kummer
Acolytes: 8th – Molly Montgomery 15th – Colton Ziegelbauer
Lay Readers: 8th –Phylis Preder; 15th – Janet Carter; 22 – David Rabe; 29—TBA
Kitchen: Mary Risseeuw and Mandy Priebe, co-chrs.: C. Meiselwitz, A. Peskie, A. Kalmerton, R. Payne, M. Gruszinski, S. Grusznski, N. Christian, S. Rabe, B. Protzmann, L. Rolloff, K. Pizer, L. Waterman, K. Willis, N. Limberg, P. Forkner, D. Pilz, D. Boedeker, M. Nelson, I. Trotter, C. Kleeman, P. Grube, S. JHapemann
FLOWERS: 8—OPEN; 15—Confirmation Parents, 22 – Susie Wandschneider in memory of Kathie Brotz;
GRACE NOTES: Marlea Joa; BULLETINS: Scott & Ronda Hendricks BRIDGEWAY: OPEN

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