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February grace notes




















Grace United Church of Christ

500 School Street, Kohler, WI  53044


Thomas M. Schroeder, Pastor             Volume 73 – No. 2

Home Phone:  920-458-7087

Church Phone:  920-452-6795                 February 2015


Dear Friends in Christ, 

            Can you believe it?   The days are getting longer.  Daylight is lengthening.   From this process we get the Christian Season of Lent.   Lent reminds us that the light is coming.


            Yet Lent in and of itself is not often thought of as bringing light, more often it is thought of as a time of darkness for the soul.  It is a season that brings to our remembrance the error of our ways.  So how are we to look at this Season of Lent?


            Lent starts with Ash Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday occurs 46 days (40 days of the week not counting Sunday, and 6 Sundays) before Easter.   It brings to our remembrance the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert after his baptism, where he endured temptations.   Lent originated as a mirroring of this time.  Sundays are excluded in the 40 days of Lent as they are days of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus (mini Easter days).


            Ash Wednesday gets its name from the practice of blessing and wearing ashes made from the palm branches of Palm Sunday.  Ashes are a symbol of penitence, seeking forgiveness.   The Bible mentions the use of ashes to express grief and sorrow for sins and faults.


            On Ash Wednesday (February 18) we will hear Jesus’ words about “practicing piety before others”  Jesus tells us not to put on a show of piety, so we often refrain from the use of ashes, but we do celebrate the Season of Lent as a time of self evaluation, a time to lengthen our time with God.  We use Lent to look at our individual practices in light of God’s ways.  We seek to realign our lives to God’s way, much as we need to realign our cars after they hit all the ruts and potholes in the road.   It is a time to acknowledge and correct the errors of our lives and set us on a better path – God’s path.


            So it depends upon one’s perspective as to the light or absence of light in Lent.   If we merely focus on our errors we live in the darkness, but if we can focus on our new way – we live in the light.


            Lent calls us to the light, lengthening the daylight hours and the light of God’s love in our lives.  Join us and length your light this Holy Season.


            God Bless and peace, Pastor Tom 









February 1st – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

A Word from the Wise as we recall Jesus teaching with a new authority.


February 8th – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

The ministry of Jesus was filled with healing and proclamation.  We venture forth that our ministry may be the same.  The Senior Choir sings at 10 a.m.


February 15th  – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

This Sunday is the last Sunday before the start of Lent.  As part of Epiphany, it manifests God in showing Jesus’ glorification.


ASH WEDNESDAY – February 18th – Worship at 7:30 p.m.

Start the Season of Lent at worship at our 7:30 service.

Our service on Ash Wednesday will present a way of life that practices faithful piety. 

The Senior Choir will sing at this service.


February 22nd – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

We enter 40 days of piety as Jesus entered 40 days of temptation.  May we come closer to the Kingdom of God.  Both the Children’s Choir and the Senior Choir will sing at 10a.m..

We will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion at both services.


Wednesday, February 25th at 7 p.m.

We start our Lenten Devotional Services on this day at 7 p.m.

The half-hour services help us expand our time with God.


Sunday, March 1st – Worship at 8 & 10 a.m.

Join us in the Season of Lent and celebrate God’s presence with you.

The Winds of Worship, a flute ensemble, will be with us at 10 a.m.




Invite a friend to worship on Sunday, February 8th, and stay around after the service as we share refreshments and coffee.  People who wish to know Grace UCC better are encouraged to bring their refreshments into the front of the Sanctuary and join us in a time of questions and answers concerning Grace UCC.



The new Church Council met after the Annual Congregation meeting and elected MARY RISSEEUW as Council President and JUDY LEONHARDT as secretary. 

CURT JOA will again be our Financial Secretary and Property Chairperson.


ELECTION OF CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS:  DEB PFRANG and JUDY LEONHARDT  were elected to 3-year terms on the Church Council at the Annual Meeting of our congregation on January 25th.  We thank PAULGREEN and KAREN GROTH for their valuable service on Church Council as their terms come to an end.






At the Annual meeting the congregation voted to recognize my 25 years at Grace with a wonderful gift of money.  I thank you for your kind and generous gift.  It was a continuous gesture of support and appreciation.  I again thank you for the gift, but even more, I thank you for your faithful support of Grace Church.  Ministry is a joint effort of congregation and leadership.  The staff has been wonderful.  Betty and Jeff were both on board before I arrived.  They have been great.  Andrey Braatz joined us that first Fall and will finish her 25th year in May.  Dan Ognavic has been with us for over 15 years.  The staff has remained consistent and faithful because you, the congregation, have been faithful and supportive.  I thank you for making this partnership work and it is a pleasure to be a part of it.

                                                                                        God Bless,  Pastor Tom


MISSION OF THE MONTH:  The Mission Committee appreciates your support of the Mitten and Hat Tree and they have decided to continue this effort through the month of February.  The committee wishes to thank those who are taking time to make gifts for the tree as well as those who have brought in other contributions.  Your generous help is warming the flesh and spirit of many in need.


FOOD COLLECTION AT GRACE:  Don’t forget the wicker baskets.  Non-perishable food items or cleaning supplies are in great need for those struggling to make ends meet.  Bring an item to share each month and we can lighten the burdens for a family in need.


STEWARDSHIP AT GRACE:   Thank you!   Thank you!!!   Thank you!!!

Your efforts and support in 2014 were great and your gifts exceeded expectations.

       2015 has started off and the first months find us with normal income to meet the normal expenses plus quarterly payments of some items.  We will use February and March to catch up.  There are some 2015 envelopes remaining for pickup.  Please stop by and pick up your envelopes.


GIFTS TO GRACE:  Later in February we will once again put up a tree for “Gifts to Grace.”  You can help us limit budget restraints by picking a leaf and bring in the item.  Gifts of paper, postage stamps, and classroom supplies help us keep costs down.


NEW FACEBOOK PAGE:  You can now catch us on Facebook at “Grace UCC.”  This is a business page and we can post our activities of the week and the month.  Check us out and “like” us so that our exposure is expanded.  We will use this new page for any cancellation reports.  “Like Us” on Facebook!










USHERS:    1ST   8 a.m.  Jim/Will Hapeman     10 a.m. Larry & Deb TerMaat, Tiffany TerMaat

                                                                                                                               and Cortnie Ludwigson

                      8th              Marie Boerner                          Scott & Ronda Hendricks, Fred Grube

                     15th              Keith Valenstein                      Tom & Anneka Teaters, Betty Musil

                       18th Ash W.                                                  Tom & Anneka Teaters, Betty Musil

                     22nd             CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS (Communion)


ACOLYTES:  1—Shelby Horth; 8—Molly Montgomery; 15—Paige Kalmerton;

                    W18—Paige Kalmerton;  22 – Shelby Horth;  W25Paige Kalmerton


LAY READERS:   1—Marge Horneck; 8 – Mary Risseeuw; 15—Barb Loose; 22 – Betty Musil




KITCHEN:  Sarah Hapeman, Sherry Leonhard, co-chrs.

D. Ziegelbauer, M. White, K. Peil, N. Leicht, L. Rolloff, S. Wandschneider, C. Knepfel, A. Kalmerton,    S. Hoppert, K. Kammerer, P. Brethouwer, B. Musil, M. Grusznski, R. Eastway, S. Jensen, K. Willis,

A. Peskie, M. Bogard, K. Pizer, L. Waterman, L. Scheppmann, K. Hendricks, C. Kummer


GRACE NOTES SPONSORS:  Rosemary & Wayne Lohse

BRIDGEWAY:  Judy and Bob Kummer

FLOWERS:   1 – OPEN; 8—OPEN; 15—Ann and Chuck Ebert anniv.; 22 –  Margie & Jim Price anniv.                                                                                                                                                   Please take time to sign up to be a sponsor for Grace Notes, Bridgeway,   Bulletins, and Flowers for the coming year.  Thank you.

Also, please SAVE the enclosed sheet listing Kitchen Committee and Ushering assignments for the coming year.



Please add:   RACHEL EASTWAY               CAROL GARNETT

                     920-889-5745                          458-6311

                     612 Valley Road, Kohler                     Landmark Square #121

                                                                      832 No. 6th St., Sheboygan

Please add the following sheet to you

2014 Annual Report.









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